Aaron M Steele

I am an experienced graphic artist with seventeen years of management experience and nineteen years of graphic design experience. I have a strong knowledge of inbound and social media marketing as well as content creation and SEO Management.    I am extremely well versed in traditional and digital marketing concepts and I have a solid ability to work with customers, agencies and staff alike to achieve the optimal results.  I have seen projects through from concept to production, have mentored and trained new artists and customers, have spearheaded new initiatives and am an all around solid team player.

I believe that digital marketing is forever evolving and I feel it's important to stay current to new trends that may turn into marketing goldmines.  I am always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver the consumer messaging to the masses and am not afraid to explore new concepts and ideas.

In my spare time I am a published musician, a travel enthusiast, a struggling poet, a weekend novelist, and an in-home libation manufacturer (aka home brewer).

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